How to Avoid an Amateur Brooklyn SEO Expert

Hiring a Brooklyn SEO consultant is great and is a fantastic way to help grow your business and boost profits. SEO is an important method of increasing your site in Google and can result in a substantial increase in traffic and sales. SEO takes a lot of work and can be quite a tedious process, which means that many businesses in Brooklyn outsource the SEO work to local companies. Many of these companies are good but some are terrible and you need to be able to spot the amateur SEO’s from the legit SEO experts, as having a bad SEO expert has have horrific repercussions on your business. This article ill help you identify a rookie Brooklyn SEO agency so you don’t run the risk of hiring someone who might do more damage than good.

No Reviews or References

When you search for Brooklyn SEO Expert and you find an adequate looking website which is advertising a local company, check to see if they have any reviews and references. A good company will have a number of reviews on their site and will also be able to provide you with references on request. Business is all about reputation and there are a number of ways you tell if someone is an amateur, one being through Google reviews, as well as just asking around. You should aim to find out if any other businesses have used the service and ask what their experience was like. If you begin to see a picture you don’t like the look of, the expert you’re looking into may be an amateur.

No Website

A massive red flag and a classic sign that the person you’re looking at is an amateur is if they do not have a website. You shouldn’t even consider someone who hasn’t got a website as this shows that they have no idea what they’re doing and may drive your website into the ground. Furthermore, this may even indicate that their website has been flagged by Google and has been pushed back down the ranks, or deleted altogether. Either way, do not deal with someone who hasn’t got a website.

Bad Communication

Even if the individual has a website and you have thought about hiring them, you should first try and contact them or even ask them to meet up to discuss tactics and strategy. A professional Brooklyn SEO company like Virtual Heroics, will reply immediately and arrange a meeting fast to close the deal. An amateur however, will delay the communication and will not reply as quickly. Furthermore, the amateur may even try and delay or prevent a direct meet up, maybe in fear of not being able to think of any ideas on how to improve a website. Furthermore, if you happen to be on the phone to the expert, see how confident they sound and assess whether they sound like they’ve done this type of call many times. Normally, it can be easy to tell if someone is nervous or if it is their first time.

Ask Them about Their Methods

Try and ask them about their ranking methods, and try to avoid anyone who is using black hat tactics to rank sites as you may get penalized by Google and lose your site forever. White hat strategies are accepted by Google and are a little lengthier, but work for the long-term. Black hat, on the other hand, are quick, easy ways to rank sites in the short-term, but end up falling further down the line. Avoid anyone who uses link farms or link spam, as these are amateurs who are trying to make quick cash.


When hiring the top SEO experts like:, you need to assess whether they are going to be professional and rank you site appropriately. There are a number of ways to identify an amateur SEO expert. Firstly, check whether they have a reputation through reviews and references, and check whether they have a website at all and if it is ranking. Also assess their communication skills and reply time, and if you are talking with them on the phone listen to see if they’re confident. Lastly, ask them about their ranking methods as black hat users will get you flagged and will hurt your business.