Local Removalist Vs National Company: Which Is Best For You?

Moving houses or offices can be quite stressful, expensive and at times puts your office wares at risk. Nonetheless, engaging the services of a quality removal company to help with the relocation in a timely and organized manner alleviates this tension and risk. However, given the high number of local and national companies operating in the country today, you have to settle on which is best suited to handle the task more efficiently. Here are some of the factors that would help you decide on the type of company to handle your relocation.

1. The company’s resources in relation to the size of the enterprise.
Where are you moving to? If you are moving from relatively small home to another within the same locality, it is highly advisable that you engage the devices of a local removal company. They may have more experience in the specific neighborhood and possibly friendlier charges. Alternatively, if you are moving an entire office or home from a city to another or the countryside, go for a national removal company. In most cases, such long distance relocations require significant resources such as large and at times multiple removal trucks that are mainly limited to local companies. 

2. The level and type of company’s insurance
Before settling on a specific moving company, local or national, always ask for prove of insurance. This informs you on the type and level of insurance by the company. It also enables you evaluate the ability of the company’s compensation in case of loss or destruction of your home or office valuables such as pieces or art, antiques, or delicate equipment.

Note that unlike a local moving company; most national companies will have a larger and more accommodating insurance policy. Additionally, you should send a list of the valuables in your possession or invite the moving company’s management for inspection before the move at which point you should ask the level of insurance in place to cater for such moves.

3. Your budget
How much cash have you set aside for the relocation and is it within the range of your favorite moving company? The reason most people seek quotations from different moving companies is due to the fact they are trying to establish the affordability of the various movers in relation to the product services on offers and how well they relate to their immediate moving need. Compared to local companies, national moving companies will be more expensive; considering that they probably employ qualified professionals as well as offer more comprehensive insurance and security for your household and office items.

If you are operating on a relatively lean budget and don’t have particularly expensive or valuable items, engage a local company. Alternatively, you may consider depositing your valuables for safe keeping and collection at a later date with a friend or local bank.

Bottom line
The type of moving company you engage depends on several factors such as the costs involved as well as the level of insurance and security measures implemented by either company. The considerations listed above will help you in vetting these companies and deciding on one that best suits your relocation needs.