10 SEO Statistics That Will Convince You It’s Worth It


Sunshine Coast SEO Services: 10 Reasons to Support SEO

1. The Numbers Are In Your Favor: There are billions of people that have reliable access to the internet. Yes, billions. The odds of someone creating a website with your keyword(s) are likely, so taking advantage of SEO will increase the likelihood of your web page popping up on the first few pages of a search.

2. Those People On the Internet Shop There: It is no secret that individuals prefer browsing online, shopping online, and spending a great deal of their time doing research online. Even those who prefer to shop in-store like having the opportunity to view the product and its description online. Increasing your use of SEO will help to ensure that a broad range of shoppers will see your web page

3. Customers Tend To Click On One Of the First Few Links: This makes sense. Those who search for a product will not search through 30 pages of results just to find a link to a pretty sweater. Making your page SEO friendly will, as stated above, bring your company or page to the top of the search list. This increases the traffic to your site.

4. People Search Before Buying Products: This may come as no surprise to you, but in order for a customer to purchase or view something online, they must do a search to find it. More than 89% of people will search for a product, company, or keyword instead of just typing in a web address. 

5. Of All of the Search Engines, Google Dominates: 90% of people may search for a product, company, or keyword online, but 92% of that population search via Google. Making your product or company SEO friendly, you will increase your chances of someone finding your product. This is particularly true if you cater to or incorporate Google.

6. Thousands of Companies Are Utilizing SEO: These companies have an edge over those who do not support and utilize SEO. Again, SEO ensures that your page will be seen. Don’t let those other companies steal the traffic that should rightfully be directed to your site. 

7. 40% of Customers Wouldn’t Find Your Site Without Searching: This is an even greater statistic if your site is not well known or does not have a unique name. The greater number of keywords that you include on your site that match what the customer is searching for, the greater the chance that these customers will be directed to you. Numbers are everything.

8. You Have Nothing To Lose: Really, what do you have to lose by supporting SEO? There are no ill effects, penalties, or fines for using SEO. You only have the opportunity to gain.

9. SEO Is Cost Efficient: SEO is generally free, particularly if you do it yourself. Hiring someone to make your site SEO friendly is also affordable. You wouldn’t lose either way.

10. SEO Leads Have a Higher Close Rate: SEO leads have a 14.7% close rate. Outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate. The odds are exceptionally high in your favor.